More Color Code Readings: Episodes 5 and 6

After a brief summer hiatus, we are back with more recommended readings for those of you following along with the Color Code podcast from STAT. As a reminder, this podcast is examining racial inequities in American health care, and members of our staff are offering some additional readings for each episode. Below are recommendations for episodes 5-6. For previous episodes, please see our earlier blog posts.

Episode 5: "A ‘city on fire’: How Miami shaped a disputed diagnosis used to justify deaths in police custody" investigates the history and current controversy around "excited delirium." The AMA and other organizations oppose the use of "excited delirium" as a medical diagnosis and recognize that it has been used to justify excessive police force.

Episode 6: "'Birthing while Black' is an American crisis. Communities demand justice" shares stories and voices from the Black maternal mortality crisis.

Stay tuned for more recommended readings.