Computers & Equipment

Please note: Arrangement of computers and equipment is subject to change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Anyone using the facility is expected to follow Duke's policies and protocols during this time.

The Library provides computers and other equipment to support your research, educational and Duke-related work activities.

  • Computers

    • Computer workstations are located on Level 1 (Computer Classroom), Level 2R, and Level 3. 


      • Login with your DHE active-directory account that you use for signing into Duke Medicine desktops.
      • Don’t have a DHE login?  Duke University community members and patients obtain assistance at the Library Service Desk on Level 2R.
    • Public computers do not require the DHE login.
    • Patient Information Network (PIN) Stations are located on Level 2R.
    • Video adapters, laptop security cables, keyboards, and mice are available at the Library Service Desk on Level 2R.
  • Data Stations
  • Printing

    • ePrint
      • ePrint is a Duke printing service.
      • Names and IDs for all currently enrolled Physician Assistant, Pathology Assistant, Physical Therapy, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing students have been added to our system.
      • The station is located across from the Service Desk. Students can independently access it without monitoring from Library staff.
      • Additional ePrint stations are available throughout the main campus.
      • Use the ePrint Access Request Form if you cannot get access to the system. We will verify your status and enable access if possible.

    • Printing from Computers
      • All computers on Level 2R (except PIN workstations) allow users to print using their own Duke Health ID cards and ePrint.
      • All Duke Health ID cards have $5 of subsidized black and white printing.
      • Add money onto your card though the DukeCard Office’s options for Flex Accounts.
      • Black/white print copies cost 6 cents per page; Color print copies cost 15 cents per page.
  • Scanners and Photocopiers

    • Self-service copiers are located on the Level 1 (Rm 102C).
      • Photocopies cost 7 cents per copy.
      • Cards may be purchased with cash from a vending machine (Level 2) or with a credit card from Library Administration (Level 1, Rm 103)
    • Scanning station is located on Level 2R.
      • You may save to a USB drive, send to the printer (7 cents per page) or send to email.
      • USB drives are available for sale at the Service Desk. 
    • Color scanning can be done from the self-service copiers at no charge.
      • Copiers are located on the Level 1 (Room 102C).
      • Instructions are on each copier.
      • You will need a USB drive for storing the images.
      • USB drives are available for sale at the Service Desk. 

  • Large Screen Monitors

      Large screen LCD panels can be connected to laptops in group study rooms
              -  102A and 102B (Level 1)
              -  315, 316, 319 and 320 (Level 3)

     These group study rooms are available for booking

  • Audiovisual Equipment
        • Equipment is available for viewing slides, VHS tapes, and DVDs.
        • See the Service Desk for assistance or call 919.660.1100.