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Medical Center LibraryThe Medical Center Library & Archives provides the services and collections necessary to further educational, research, clinical, and administrative activities in the medical field. Services are available to Duke Medicine faculty, staff, and students in the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, allied health programs, and graduate programs in the basic medical sciences. The Library also serves Duke Hospital and Health System.

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  • Duke’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

    Duke University Community

    Because diversity is essential to fulfilling the university’s mission, Duke is committed to building an inclusive and diverse university community. Every student, faculty, and staff member — whatever their race, gender, age, ethnicity, cultural heritage or nationality; religious or political beliefs; sexual orientation or gender identity; or socioeconomic, veteran or ability status — has the right to inclusion, respect, agency and voice in the Duke community. Further, all members of the University community have a responsibility to uphold these values and actively foster full participation in university life.

    For more information, connect to Duke’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Website produced by Duke's Office of the Provost.

    Medical Center Library & Archives

    Recognizing that diversity sparks creativity and enhances innovation, the Duke Medical Center Library & Archives is committed to advancing diversity, inclusion, and equity throughout our organization. We strive to establish a climate that welcomes and affirms the contributions of all our staff and the Duke community.

    This is ongoing work: we commit our organization and ourselves to diversity, inclusion, and equity – values that make us a better, more effective library. Through continued dedication to these values, we seek to sustain a welcoming community that fosters inquiry, discovery, and innovation.

    If you have comments, suggestions, or feel that the Library could make improvements to better meet your needs, please contact Megan von Isenburg, Associate Dean for Library Services and Archives.

  • Facts and Figures

    Annual Snapshot

    Here are some basic facts about the Library and Archives as of June 30, 2020.

    Statistics are taken from two reports to national associations:
     -  Association of Research Libraries [ARL]
     -  Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries [AAHSL]

    Internal reports have been used (where there is no designation).

    Staff: 24.5 FTE (Library 20.5; Archives 4.0)

    Total health sciences electronic journal titles: 13,711 [AAHSL]

    Biomedical online databases: 123 [AAHSL]

    Total print volumes: 179,327 [AAHSL]
    Total book titles:         50,670 [AAHSL]

    Items borrowed from other libraries (ILL): 559 [ARL]

    Library Website usage: 1,111,828 pageviews [AAHSL]

    Educational Sessions: 261 [ARL]

    Reference/Consultation Services: 21,455 [ARL]
    Electronic (Email and Instant Messenger): 8,477 [AAHSL]

    Online tutorials available: 10 [AAHSL]

    Linear feet in Archives collection: 13,034 [ARL]

    The Library is located in the Seeley G. Mudd Building

    Medical Center Communications Center and Library

    • Opened:  November 1975
    • Dedication:  May 8, 1976
    • Architects:  Warner, Burns, Toan and Lunde; principal architect Danforth W. Toan
    • Major donors:  The Seeley G. Mudd Fund; The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; The Frederick J. Kennedy Foundation; The Nanaline H. Duke Fund; The Duke Endowment
  • Strategic Goals/Strategic Plan

    The Medical Center Library and Archives sets strategic goals every 1-2 years. We welcome comments about these goals and future directions for both the Library and Archives. Please send your suggestions and ideas to Megan von Isenburg, Associate Dean, at megan.vonisenburg@duke.edu.

  • Privacy Policy

    The overarching goal of the Medical Center Library & Archives (MCL&A) is to respect your rights to freely access information and to protect your privacy in terms of the information that is used or accessed.

    In achieving this goal, MCL&A strives to collect the minimum amount of information required to deliver services or resources to you, the user. When such information is collected it is treated as confidential private business records and is not available or released to individuals not employedby the MCL&A unless through a legal court order. You can review the Library's full privacy policy here.

    For more information, see Duke University Privacy Policy

  • Service Animals Policy

    The Medical Center Library & Archives is committed to providing an open and accessible environment to all members of the Duke community. This includes welcoming service animals that are assisting individuals with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other applicable state and federal law.

    Emotional support animals and pets are not allowed in the library or archives facilities, except when invited as part of a library-sponsored program.

    For questions regarding this policy, please contact Megan von Isenburg, Associate Dean for Library Services and Archives or connect to the Services and Assistance Animals Policy for Duke.

  • Duke University Library Profiles

    This overview of profiles from the Duke Faculty Handbook describes services available at Duke libraries and is useful when library summary information is needed for grant submissions.