New Resource - Clinical Pharmacology

Clinical Pharmacology, powered by ClinicalKey, is a comprehensive drug reference that supports healthcare professionals and health professions' students by providing current, accurate, and clinically relevant drug information.

The Clinical Pharmacology suite of resources includes:

  • Drug monographs - detailed drug information for U.S. prescription drugs, herbal supplements, nutritional, vitamin and over-the-counter products
  • Drug class overviews - to guide formulary drug reviews and therapeutic substitutions
  • Additional lists, such as - drugs not recommended for splitting, Beers drug list, interactions with grapefruit, confused drug names, combo chemotherapy regiments, and more
  • Patient drug and disease education - resources patients need to understand and engage in their care plans. Consumer medication information and reports are included, along with patient information on thousands of diagnoses/diseases with explanation, symptoms and treatment
  • IV compatibility - comprehensive content includes Trissel's 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics database plus ongoing independent IV compatibility studies
  • Toxicology resource (ToxED) - for assessing, diagnosing and managing poison and overdose emergencies at the point-of-care
  • Clinical calculators and lab reference values - make use of hundreds of calculators and lab reference values
  • Custom reports - robust reports allow users to compare drug products or screen for therapeutic issues

You can access Clinical Pharmacology from the Library's Databases page, or from the Clinical Tools Guide under the Drug Information section.

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