Journal Changes for 2022

Several changes are coming to the to the journal collections at Duke.

Duke University libraries have been working together to renegotiate large "Big Deal" packages with Elsevier, Springer, and Wiley. Negotiations are still underway, but we expect that there will be journal cancellations and other changes starting in early 2022. These large "Big Deal" packages of journals function something like a cable or streaming package, where many titles are included for one annual sum and continued access is contingent on continued subscription. We are making changes to both packages and directly-subscribed titles based on data for journal usage, impact, and costs with goals to meet research needs, maximize budgets, and foster a sustainable scholarly publishing environment. Please see our list of journal cancellations and additions for 2022.  To read more about the scholarly communications landscape, including open access, please see the Scholarly Communications section on our Website.

In addition to these larger modifications to our subscriptions, it is common for there to be changes to journal access at the beginning of every new year. For example, a journal may change platforms when the professional society that publishes it begins working with a commercial publisher or even switches publishers. These transitions can mean that newer content from the journal is on a different site. Among the hundred or so journals changing platforms this year, Neurosurgery and the Journal of the American College of Surgeons are two such journals that have changed publishers. For the most current and complete access, be sure to start your search for journal articles from our Library' Website and let us know if you are having trouble finding or accessing journals.  

Please email us at if you have questions or feedback, or if you're experiencing difficulties in accessing our collections. We are here to help you identify and access the information you need!