Find Your Favorite Space!

 A couple of years ago, we moved over 3,000 linear feet of bound journals and steel shelving on Level 3 to make room for more study space.

This space includes:
• 11 individual carrels that can seat up to 2 people, with doors for privacy
• 2 open carrels
• 3 group study rooms (rooms 315, 316, 319)
Mestro Care terminals (room 320)
• 10 “Resolve Units” with 3 individual work surfaces
• Casual seating

In addition to Level 3, we have a variety of other study spaces available in the Library. On Level 2R, Conference Room 212C is available when not in use for a class or meeting.  Room 212E, located behind the Service Desk, can be used for individual and group study. The schedules for these two rooms are mounted on iPads right outside the doors.

Quiet space is available on Level 1 in the Reading Room (room 102), study rooms (rooms 102A, 102B) and the beautiful old Richmond House Room (102E).

Whether you want a quiet or collaborative space, we have an area to suit your needs!