Use SciENcv for Your Biosketch!

Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv) is a system for creating and updating your NIH or NSF biosketch. The biosketch documents your qualifications and experience for a specific role or project and is required for all NIH and NSF grant applications.

Use of SciENcv to create biosketches will be required for NSF proposals submitted on or after October 23, 2023. Please see the NSF policy announcement for more information.

Duke strongly encourages use of this system since it will save you time now and in the future due to its automated features.

•    Pulls in profile information if you already have a profile in eRA Commons, NSF, or ORCID
•    Uploads your publications from My NCBI’s My Bibliography or through an ORCID account
•    Allows you to create several different versions of your profile by reusing information previously entered

Why create more than one profile? You may want to change your biosketch to reflect special expertise or knowledge that you bring to a specific award. For example, changing your general profile statement or your contributions to science, could show how your expertise and experiences meet the aims of a new awards proposal.

You can add publications to SciENcv via My Bibliography (PubMed publications) or ORCID (good for publications not in PubMed). To keep your publication lists up-to-date, we highly recommend that you use the instructions in 30 Minutes to Increase Your Research Impact to clean up your scholarly profile accounts (e.g., Duke Elements, ORCID), link them to each other, and streamline your scholarly profile management.


To create a biosketch in SciENcv, you will need to have a My NCBI account.

There are many options for signing up for a My NCBI account including using NIH eRA Commons, NSF, or ORCID account.

Once you have your My NCBI account, you can access SciENcv from your My NCBI dashboard. Just sign into My NCBI, click your user profile link in the upper right-hand corner, and select Dashboard. Locate the SciENcv box and select the “Manage SciENcv” link.

You may also go directly to the SciENcv Website. Sign in using your My NCBI account (top right-hand corner) or select one of the Log in options (e.g., eRA Commons, National Science Foundation, or More Options)

Don't have a My NCBI, NIH, or NSF account? No problem! Anyone can use SciENcv. To login with your Duke NetID and password, select “More Options” from the SciENcv home page, and then select “more login options.” A new search box will open where you can type in Duke and select “Duke University.” You will then be prompted to login with your Duke NetID and Password.

You should now be ready to create your biosketch using SciENcv! If you need further help, please watch our Creating a BioSketch Using ScENcv video tutorial. It will introduce you to the basics of SciENcv including creating an NCBI account. If you need further assistance, please contact