Scholarly Communications Hub Revisited

A common request from our faculty, students, and staff is for assistance with all aspects of publishing and scholarly communications:

  • How do I find the best journal for my next manuscript?
  • Is there help at Duke with paying an Article Processing Charge?
  • How can I tell if a journal is a predatory journal?

The answers to these and similar questions can be found on the Medical Center Library & Archives Website via our Scholarly Communications Hub.

Linked from the Website main page under "Our Expertise" and located in the Training and Consulting section of our site, Scholarly Communications features extensive FAQs and links to resources and guidance to help you publish your work, measure your research impact, and engage in open science. We have also created a page on libraries and publishers to provide further information about how we decide what to license for our constituents.

For example, under publish your work, we provide links to Guides that will help you get started with getting published, scientific writing, and basic copyright issues. You can also peruse our FAQs covering a range of questions, from how to determine if a journal email solicitation is credible to whether you should consider using ChatGPT in writing your manuscripts.

The measure your research impact section provides resources and guidance on research impact metrics that are sometimes used to support tenure & promotion, justify requests for grant applications, and find potential collaborators. Our research impact FAQs spotlight common questions such as how to find journal impact factors and why your h-index may be different on different sites.

Finally, engage in open science is a gateway to resources that will help you make your publications and data more widely accessible. The open science FAQs walk you through questions on data sharing, ORCIDs, transformative agreements, and the ins and outs of sharing your manuscript as a preprint.

We welcome your questions and feedback. Please send us an email at