Best Practices for Lexicomp Mobile App Content Updates

The content in Lexicomp is updated on a daily basis. In order to ensure you are accessing the most current content, you should adjust your Lexicomp Mobile App content download preferences to ensure the content on your device is automatically updated. In such instances, Lexicomp mobile app content will be automatically updated when the mobile app is open and connected to WiFi, or when connected to WiFi and Data, depending on your settings.

Best Practice Tip: If you have enough data, adjust your settings so content is updated using WiFi and Data to ensure you are viewing the latest content when WiFi access is unavailable.

  1. With the mobile app open, tap the Hamburger Menu (three lines) located in the top right.
  2. Tap Preferences, then tap Settings.
  3. To the right of Auto Updates, if WiFi is selected, tap WiFi to change the setting to WiFi and Data. If WiFi and Data are already selected, no action is needed.

*If you don't have the Lexicomp app, click here for instructions on how to get it or our other popular medical apps!

Content from the Wolters Kluwer Lexicomp Updates - October 2022 newsletter