Coming Soon: Automated NIH PAP Compliance Emails

The NIH Public Access Policy mandates that all publications produced with NIH funds must have a PMCID within 90 days of acceptance and must be made available in PubMed Central within 1 year of publishing. This policy ensures that the public has timely access to the published results of NIH funded research, but is an extra step that researchers must perform upon the acceptance of the manuscripts. The Medical Library is committed to supporting researchers throughout the compliance process.

To this end, library staff have been actively working to build an automated email tool that will update researchers who are out of compliance with this policy. These emails will come from "Duke NIH Public Access Compliance" ( and will include action items, resources, and contacts to help researchers become compliant as soon as possible. These emails will only be sent to authors and PIs whose articles are out of compliance with the current NIH Public Access Policy. There are new initiatives on expanding access to federally-funded research and a new NIH policy on creating data management and sharing plans.

Library staff will pilot this system in December, 2022, with a full launch planned for January, 2023.  For more information about NIH PAP Compliance and how the Medical Library can assist, please see our NIH Public Access Guide or send an email to