Book the Classroom

Computer Classroom (Level 1, Room 104D)

The Computer Classroom  is available for reservation by Duke-affiliated faculty, staff, and students.

View the current Classroom Schedule to check for availability.

Equipment: 15 workstations, 1 Instructor station, a mounted projector

Reservation Policy

  • The Classroom can be reserved Monday-Friday from 8a-5p and must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. If you need to use the Classroom at other times, please contact DeShane Watson.
  • When the room is not scheduled for a class, it is available for general use from 8a-5p, Monday-Friday. The schedule is subject to last minute changes.
  • We reserve the right to move any unattended personal items to lost and found, which is located at the Library’s Service Desk on Level 2R.


Note: From August 1st through mid-September, the Classroom may be booked no more than 2 weeks in advance of the proposed event. At other times, events may be scheduled up to 6 months in advance, but reservations are guaranteed only for the 3 months prior to the event. Events scheduled more than 3 months in advance may be subject to change.