Wiley Researcher Academy

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Writing and publishing articles can be challenging. Obstacles to getting published include lack of time to write, not knowing the right journal to send your manuscript to, and lack of familiarity with the entire research to writing process. Few researchers are formally taught about the publication process. To address this, the Medical Center Library & Archives, in partnership with Wiley Researcher Academy, offers online instruction on over a dozen topics in publishing.

Wiley Researcher Academy is a modular, self-paced online learning program for early career researchers who wish to develop their expertise and understanding of the scientific publishing process. Mid-career researchers seeking to update and perfect their skills will also find it beneficial.

It consists of 14 interactive learning paths that individuals can complete at their own pace. Topics include:

  • Funding the research project
  • Selecting an appropriate journal
  • Best practices in writing scientific articles
  • Managing research data
  • Post publication activities and driving visibility
  • Becoming a peer reviewer

We encourage you to explore the Researcher Academy. Registration is required, but accounts are free.