Website "Refresh" is Here!

Our Website (most primarily the frontal portal) has undergone a facelift! 

Though it has a similar look and feel to the previous version, you will notice some distinct enhancements:

    • New resources added to the "Quicklinks" including DynaMed, CINAHL, and Mobile Apps
    • Redesigned search widget for quick querries in PubMed, UpTodate, E-journals, the Catalog and our Website
    • Addition of a new set of high value menu resources and services offering "Our Expertise" in evidence-based practice, instructional support, systematic reviews, citation management, medical archives, and more.
    • New drop-down menus that give a quick full view of choosable options for our main navigation areas: About; Accounts & Access, Databases; Journals & Books; Borrow, Request & Renew; Guides & Tool Sets; and Training & Consulting.  Please note: These drop-down menus do not currently work in Internet Explorer. For access, we recommend using Microsoft Edge.
    • Redesigned footer with links to additonal Duke resources, social media, our newsletter, blog feed, and contact information

Some of your favoritea are still here including...

    • "Ask a Librarian" options to reach staff working remotely. We're just a click away!
    • Blog posts to help you stay current on Library status, online classes, new resources, and more
    • Mobile version to carry with you wherever you go

Along the way, we have also touched up some of our secondary pages as well. For example, the Training and Consulting section of the site has been totally redesigned with a new intro page and categorized sidebar menu for easier navigation.

It is our hope that this refresh will make our Website even better and we look forward to your feedback. Please feel free to share any questions, comments or concerns with Beverly Murphy, Assistant Director, Communications & Web Content at We appreciate your interest in our site and welcome your continued use and support.