NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy Update

nih data sharing

Is your research funded by NIH? Does your research generate scientific data? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you will need to submit a Data Management & Sharing Plan with your grant applications with receipt dates on/after January 25, 2023. Here are the latest updates relevant to the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy

  1. This policy applies to new applications for receipt dates ON/AFTER January 25, 2023 (see Data Management & Sharing Overview).
  2. Implementation changes for genomic data sharing plans: The NIH recently announced that it will no longer request separate sharing plans for projects subject to both the NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy (GDS Policy) and the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy (DMS Policy).  Instead, for grants due on or after January 25, 2023, applicants should provide a single Data Management and Sharing Plan that addresses both policies. Please see NOT-OD-22-198 for details and other considerations. 
  3. The NIH released new supplemental information for the implementation about Protecting Privacy When Sharing Human Research Participant Data and Responsible Management and Sharing of American Indian/Alaska Native Participant Data.
  4. NIH recently updated their 2023 Data Management & Sharing Policy Frequently Asked Question (FAQs).  Find answers to your questions on policy scope, managing and sharing scientific data, considerations for data derived from human participants, compliance/enforcement, and contracts.
  5. NIH has been busy spreading the word to researchers about the new data sharing policies. You can sign up for NIH webinars and listen to recordings.
  6. To learn more about the policy and data management planning resources available to you at Duke, consider signing up for an upcoming class.

As you look ahead to this new requirement, we can help develop efficient and supportive services before the policy takes effect. Please address any concerns and questions to