Need to Write a DMS Plan? Use DMPTool!

If your research will be NIH-funded, you will need to include a data management and sharing (DMS) plan with your grant application as of January 25, 2023. You can use the NIH optional DMS Plan format page to create your plan, but why not take advantage of the free, online DMPTool managed by the California Digital Library?  DMPTool provides a click-through wizard that walks you through the DMP creation process using an NIH template along with helpful guidance from both NIH and Duke.

There are several reasons why Duke researchers should use the DMPTool:

  • Duke authentication through Shibboleth (choose Duke, login with NetID and password)
  • NIH- and Duke- supplied guidance & links corresponding to each data element
  • Example fill-in-the blank answers that users can modify as needed. These example answers include both clinical and non-clinical sample answers to help you get started with your DMP.
  • A central location to store all your DMPs
  • The option to submit your DMP through the tool and receive helpful feedback from Duke Data Management Consultants

So why not give DMPTool a try! It may just make your life a bit easier. For help using DMPTool, see the DMPTool Quick Start Guide. And to keep up with DMPTool news and announcements, follow the DMPTool blog.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Medical Center Library & Archives at or to Lesley Skalla at