Browzine Access Ended August 31st

Brandi Tuttle's picture

Access to the handy resource, BrowZine (think "browsing"), will be ending this month. Browzine allowed you to stay current with the literature by aggregating and organizing information in one place, enabling you to browse, read, and monitor current journals in your subject areas. While access to that resource will disappear, we are here to help you make the transition (or start new habits)!

Docphin and Read by QxMD are two apps we suggest.  Both provide easy access to Duke University’s journal subscriptions, make it easy to share, and allow you to create a customized news feed so you don’t waste any time staying current.

Alternatively, we recently secured access to Prime Journals via Unbound Medicine. Prime connects you to articles indexed in the PubMed database. It allows you to conduct a clinical search using PubMed’s Clinical Queries, link to full text articles, browse by categories (dx, ddx, med specialty, drugs, etc.), and visually explore related literature.

Time to let these tools do the work for you (or at least some of it)!