4 Things about Duke Apps - You Won’t Believe the Last One!

For those who have recently arrived to Duke, welcome! We can help you get your mobile device set up in the Duke Medicine environment. Check out our Mobile Apps Guide for more information on Duke provided apps (and more).

Did you know…

#1 Our Lexicomp app, Duke’s chosen clinical drug resource, has a new subscription code. You’ll need to update your account to continue using the app. These codes expire yearly. Click here & then click on the Mobile App Access button on the right. Follow the instructions for the new product code. If you haven't gotten started with Lexicomp yet, first create an account on a desktop before downloading and activating the app.

#2 The Johns Hopkins ABX Guide mobile app is now available through Duke. This app includes guidance on infectious diseases, pathogens, and drugs. To get started, download the UCentral app (Apple or Android). Once in UCentral, register for an account. Then log in with your new account information and proceed to access the Johns Hopkins ABX Guide.

#3 Read by QxMD is both a mobile app and a website to help you stay on top of the literature! You can follow journals or topics. Be sure to adjust your settings so that you are connected to Duke.

#4 Text a Medical Librarian?! Did you know you can text us with your medical reference questions Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm? Whether you are having resource access issues, need some information, or are starting a project, we can help! Feel free to text us at 919.629.1113.

Questions or Comments?  We’d love to hear from you. Use our Ask a Librarian page (or just text us!).

Image credit: Created by Icon Fair from Noun Project