Website "Refresh" Round 2 Completed

Our Website has undergone the final stage of its facelift! Here are some additional enhancements.

    • A magnifying glass icon has been added to the top front of our Website that leads to a Google Search of our site. This makes it easier to search our entire site with a click to one standard location.
    • Top navigation options have been renamed and streamlined for quicker access to resources.
    • Two sections of the site now have redesigned (colorized) and categorized side menus with corresponding drop down menus to help in navigating the Website
    • The new Request & Reserve section is a merger of Accounts & Access and Borrow, Request & Renew
    • Guides (renamed from Guides & Tool Sets) has an additional option to Browse All Guides

Please note: If you are currently using Internet Explorer (IE) 11, please migrate to Microsoft Edge or use Firefox or Chrome. Many systems are retiring support for IE 11. Our drop-down menus do not work in IE 11.

It is our hope that this refresh will make our Website even better and we look forward to your feedback. Please feel free to share any questions, comments or concerns with Beverly Murphy, Assistant Director, Communications & Web Content at We appreciate your interest in our site and welcome your continued use and support.