Learn to Create Visual Abstracts

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About the Webinar:
"In this “too long, didn’t read” world, how can researchers and institutional communicators catch the eye of social media audiences and others and help them understand at a glance the main points of a journal article, conference presentation, report, or guideline? Enter the Visual Abstract – a graphic, sized for Twitter or a single PowerPoint slide, that distills key findings or conclusions into as few words, numbers, and icons as possible.

After a 2017 study showed that sharing Visual Abstracts in tweets nearly triples the number of link clicks, journals and conferences began asking researchers to create them, in addition to traditional text abstracts. Institutions can harness them too as a tool for sharing information of all kinds. They’re especially useful in the absence of other visuals. This presentation -- by two communicators from the birthplace of the Visual Abstract – will equip attendees to create their own or assist researchers.

Learning Objectives:   

  1. Understand the origins and growth of Visual Abstracts, and the evidence for their use 
  2. Learn the process for creating a Visual Abstract, including key tools and design principles
  3. Equip communicators to help researchers create and refine Visual Abstracts about their work"