Creating and Using an ORCID iD

As of March 1, an author search for "John Smith" yields 818 results in Scopus. The first 30 authors in this search have over 7,300 articles combined. ORCID (pronounced ORKID or ORK ID) is a great solution for differentiating authors and connecting them to all of their own research.  As a globally supported non-profit organization, it maintains a registry of unique and persistent identifiers for authors that may be used across databases and other places where research is found.

All you need to do is register and it only takes 30 seconds! You can then link your ID to other identifiers such as those found in Scopus, Duke Directory and Scholars@Duke, and LinkedIn. Keep in mind that some publishers are requiring authors to have ORCID iDs in order to publish their work. Also, some funders such as the National Institutes of Health are requesting that grantees use ORCID iDs to manage information in their system. If you have already registered for ORCID, but have forgotten your iD, search for your name on the ORCID homepage.

See our April newsletter issue for more detailed information on how to claim your publications and link your ID to other identifiers.

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