EndNote X9: New Tools and Updates

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EndnotecoverX9, the latest upgrade of EndNote, has added some key features including enhanced sharing abilities, a Manuscript Matcher, new electronic media reference types, and a citation report creator. Here is an overview of the major additions to the program.

Library Sharing: Permissions can now be defined for individuals as read-write or read-only access. Custom Groups from synced libraries can be shared with other online users from a desktop EndNote library through EndNote online. Users can also see a list of Groups shared with them through EndNote online on their desktop library. The links in the shared list can be used as shortcuts to the online shared Groups.  You cannot share except through the online version.

Manuscript Matcher: Perhaps the most interesting updated feature for researchers is the Manuscript Matcher. This tool can be used to identify potential journals that may be interested in publishing a user's work. This feature requires the user to input a title, abstract, and group of example articles. The Matcher returns a detailed analysis and ranking of potential journals as well as journal information. Each recommended journal has a "Submit" button that takes the user to the submission or author page for that journal.

New Reference Types: The new reference types added in X9 include: Discussion Forums, Multimedia Applications, Social Media, and Television Episode.

Citation Report Creation: If a user has access to the Web of Science, they can create a citation report from a group in an EndNote Library. 

Several bugs noted in previous features have also been addressed including Cite While You Write and improving Import Performance and Print Preview . The few issues that persist are largely in the formatting of citations and based on the source database. For example, the inability to disambiguate abbreviated qualifications (eg. PhD or MD) from initials (eg. Smith, RJ). Therefore, a reference that includes an author like "Smith, R. James M.D." will appear as "Smith, R.J.M.D." and must be hand cleaned. 

Overall, X9 provides some interesting new features that are worth exploring. For researchers, the Manuscript Matcher may be a valuable tool in initiating manuscript submission. Librarians and project managers may likewise find value in the ability to create Citation Reports from particular groups. More information on X9 features and improvements can be found on the YouTube video, Whats New in EndNote X9 . A comparative table of recent EndNote versions can be found on ResearchSoftware.com