Access "My NCBI" with your Duke NetID and password

PubMed’s My NCBI tool allows you to set personal preferences, store both search strategies and citation collections, and create alerts by offering automatic e-mail updates and RSS Feeds of stored searches. Register for My NCBI by creating a User Name and Password. The preferred method of creating a My NCBI account is to register for it by clicking the "Register for an NCBI account" on the My NCBI sign in page and following the instructions.

Once you have a My NCBI account and you are logged in, you can click on your username at the top right of the NCBI screen to access your account settings. On this screen, you will see a box called “Linked accounts” where you can link your NCBI account to a “3rd party option” such as your Duke NetID and password. Next time you want to sign into My NCBI, you can use your Duke NetID and password or your NCBI account username and password.

Do not skip registering for a My NCBI account by using a third-party sign-in to register. Registering for the My NCBI account first and linking this account to a 3rd part option will preserve your ability to:

      • link your account to the eRA Commons
      • allow My NCBI staff to reset your password when needed
      • allow you to change the email address associated with your My NCBI account

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