Tools for Choosing Journals

Choosing a journal for your newest article is not always easy. While you may wish to publish in a high impact journal, there are many factors to consider when picking a journal to submit your latest article, such as audience and potential visibility. Here are a few of our favorite tools for identifying potentially relevant journals for your work:

  1. Web of Science or Scopus: These databases allow you to search for keywords and then analyze the results by journal or source title. This lets you see what journals publish most on certain topics.
  2. JANE: Journal / Author Name Estimator: Copy and paste your abstract into JANE and it will suggest potential journals and potential co-authors based on publications in MEDLINE with shared terms in the title and abstract.
  3. Be iNFORMEd: Our checklist enables you to determine if an unknown journal – particularly those that are open access – is a reliable and trustworthy place to publish.
  4. Journal Citation Reports: The old reliable way to determine impact factor, a journal's quantitative impact through citation metrics

These and other tools are available on our Getting Published guide. We invite you to try them out. Email us at with questions.