ORCID iDs and Article Submissions

At the start of the year, eight publishers, including eLife, PLOS, and The Royal Society, announced they would require ORCID identifiers from authors as a way to encourage ORCID adoption. An ORCID iD is a persistent identifier for an author, much like a doi for an article. The publishers issued an open letter inviting others to do the same, and so far, eight more have signed the letter.

If you need an ORCID iD to submit an article to a publisher, you can easily register for one and link it to your Duke Directory listing and Scholars@Duke information. If you have registered in the past and have forgotten your ORCID iD, search for yourself at the top of the ORCID Website.

For more information on ORCID or the publication process, see our Getting Published Guide or Ask a Librarian