Duke Elements - We Can Help!

Duke ElementsDo you manage your Duke Elements publications?

Have you received a message from Duke Elements notifying you the system has found new publications for you or that you have publications awaiting your approval?  Remember, your publications are only displayed in your Scholars@Duke profile if you have approved them in Elements. The Library can help make sure your publications are listed in your Scholars@Duke profile! 

Would you like to increase the reach of your publications?

While you are approving publications for display in your Scholars profile, you may also upload the full text of the publications for open access via the DukeSpace repository so that viewers of your profile or a Google Scholar search may click through to the publication itself regardless of whether they are at an institution that subscribes to the journal.

Still not sure what Elements is?

Elements is an online service implemented by Duke Libraries to help Duke employees manage their publications history. Elements draws data from bibliographic sources, like the statewide REACH NC database, PubMed, Web of Science, arXiv, RePEc, and others. Publications can also be imported from a citation manager or entered manually. Elements makes it easy for Duke faculty to archive the full-text versions of their publications in a Duke Libraries repository, making them broadly available to colleagues, students, and the general public, and thus drawing more attention to their work.  For more information on Elements, go to the Elements Help page.

Need help managing your publications? Ask a Librarian!!