Proposed Journal Cancellations

Since the costs of journal subscriptions rise by 6% to 10% every year, we have to make difficult decisions about what to keep and what to cancel.  We look at usage, cost, and other factors.  We also compare titles based on cost per use of all downloaded journal articles.

The following titles are  proposed cancellations for 2016 based on high cost and low use, thereby having high cost per use as compared to hundreds of other titles. Please send any concerns about these cancellations to:

$1,568; 23 uses
Journal of Vestibular Research
$1,130; 31 uses
Archives of Microbiology
$5,161; 230 uses
Medical Mycology
$1,886; 123 uses
Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness 
$418; 40 uses
Medicinal Research Reviews
$2,219; 148 uses
Genes to Cells
$2,669; 235 uses
Springer Protocols
$13,922; 450 uses