Wrangling those Grant Publications?

More and more funding agencies have policies for sharing citations arising from their funding, AND more and more grants are focusing on team-science and collaborative projects. This has resulted in more authors writing articles that may not include the principal investigator.

You can track many biomedical publications by setting up searches in PubMed that run on a regular basis.

Tips for Searching by Grant Number
  • Search for one grant number or several by using “OR” between the grant numbers 
  • You can leave off the activity code (R01, P30, U01, etc.) on the grant number and just search by the institute code and serial number
    • Example: R01 AR837023 can be searched as AR837023
  • You can also leave off the suffix that indicates funding year
  • For more precision, use the PubMed designation for a grant number
    • Example: AR837023 [gr] OR GM058639 [gr]
Tips for Searching by PI and Author Names
  • Use just one name in the search or put all the names of your research team in one saved search
  • Remember to search by lastname and first-two-initials in PubMed, unless the author does not use a middle initial
    • Example: SMITH RM 
  • For more precision, use the PubMed designation for an author [au] after the name
    • Example: Heart M [au] OR Ankle NG [au] OR Knee JT [au] OR Smith AA [au]

To save a search, sign into or create a My NCBI account. If you have an NIH login, use that account; otherwise, you can select a “third party” login and use your Duke NetID and password. 

Once you have created your search, select "Create Alert" and then you can request email updates and how often and when you want to receive them.

Need more help?  Ask our librarians at 919.660.1100 or medical-librarian@duke.edu.