Duke Med Students Win 3rd Annual Memmys Award

Congratulations to our Duke medical students who submitted an entry to the 3rd Annual Memmys and won third place! The contest, sponsored by the University of South Carolina (USC) School of Medicine, recognizes outstanding music videos that combine popular songs and student experiences.  USC views the music videos as “a platform for creativity and an opportunity for students to showcase talents beyond academic achievements.”

This great parody of the Wiz Khalifa’s “No Sleep” music video was submitted by Duke Med 2018.  The creative “new” lyrics describe the Duke med experience which means no sleep since the MD students need to “study all night long,” BUT with time out for “party all day” or “party all night” along with “Go Devils” and GTHC.   It features locations within the SOM Trent Semans building and around Duke’s campus.

The third place prize winner will be honored by a plaque, as well as being posted on YouTube. The Medical Center Library & Archives will receive $500 (a wonderful surprise).

The Duke Med 2018 entry was directed by Billy Baumgartner, Megan Kelly, and Tyler Hobbs, and written and edited by Billy Baumgartner. It features dancers Julie Rivo, Gillian Smelick, Megan Kelly, Victoria Bendersky, Allie Superdock, Neha Kayastha, Tyler Hobbs, Charles Fang, Chad Weldy, and Emily Mattoon. Cast and crew included Temini Ajayi, Peter Bittar, Charles Fang, Hanna Kemeny, Dave Kerr, Arvind Konkimalla, Kyle Freischlag, Tim Kreulen, Jerry Lee, Colin O’Leary, Stephanie Pagliuca, Mara Storto, Michelle Tang, and Rasheedat Zakare-Fagbamila.  

Congratulations again to these incredibly creative and talented students!