Password Management...The Right Way!

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Are you tired of so many username and passwords? Do you use one password for more than one Website? Are your passwords not quite long or complex enough?

It's time you considered a password manager like LastPass! In December of 2013, Duke formed an agreement with LastPass and now Duke affiliates get free access to the premium version. "LastPass allows users to centrally manage their passwords by saving them to an easy-to-use "vault." Once installed in a browser, LastPass facilitates logging into sites by prompting you to save logins and filling them in for you. If you sign up for new accounts, it will help generate long, strong passwords." As a premium user, you can download the app to a mobile device and have your passwords with you at all times. If you are away from all computing devices, just log into the Website!

  • Unlimited browser and mobile sync - take your passwords anywhere
  • Automated filling of logins & forms - save time & improve accuracy
  • Secure Notes for digital recordkeeping - save credit card information, frequent flier numbers, etc
  • Share credentials with friends & colleagues - send login info for shared accounts to others 
  • Password generator - create strong, unique passwords
  • Multifactor authentication & One Time Passwords - better protection for your personal data
  • Audit passwords with Security Challenge - run the LastPass Security Challenge to identify areas where you can continue to improve your online security
  • Stay current - get reminders to generate a new password when you log in using a weak or duplicate password as well as when a company reports a possible data breech

Get LastPass Premium:

  1. Create an account by visiting (If you already have a LastPass account, skip to step 3 to upgrade your current account.)
  2. Create a strong master password - the last password you will have to remember. 
  3. Login to LastPass by clicking on the gray LastPass asterisk/logo in your browser. 
  4. Visit to upgrade your account to LastPass premium for free. (You'll need do this yearly to renew access.)
  5. Get the Apple app here, the Android app here and the Windows app here.

LastPass..."The Last Password You Have to Remember"