PubMed Commons

pubmed commons

PubMed Commons
System for commenting on articles in PubMed

In October, NCBI released a pilot version of a new service in PubMed that allows researchers to post comments on individual PubMed abstracts. PubMed Commons was created in response to repeated requests by the scientific community for such a forum to be part of PubMed.

According to NCBI, “PubMed Commons is a forum for open and constructive criticism and discussion of scientific issues. It will thrive with high quality interchange from the scientific community.”

PubMed Commons has initially been released as a pilot to gain perspective from the experiences of the community as well as from community discussions and feedback. To date, many of the comments include critiques or point to other studies or reviews with the potential to change people’s interpretations or conclusions. Some authors have posted corrections or changed their own conclusions in light of subsequent work by others. Authors are also using PubMed Commons to update people on their own work.

Any author in PubMed can join, from anywhere in the world. Once you are in, you can invite others! Instructions on how to request an invitation to join and how to invite your colleagues to participate can be found on the PubMed Commons front page.

For more information, check out the Step-by-step Guide.