Has Your UpToDate Anywhere Access Lapsed?

Have you gotten an email from UpToDate Support lately with the subject line "Your remote access to UpToDate has lapsed"? If you downloaded the UpToDate mobile app and haven't used it or signed into to UpToDate on campus for a while, your access may temporarily lapse.

Have no fear! It is easy to re-verify your affiliation with Duke. Simply complete one of these tasks:

  1. While on a computer on the Duke campus, go to http://www.uptodate.com, click on the log in link and enter your UpToDate user name and password.
  2. Access UpToDate through MaestroCare. 
  3. Open your UpToDate Mobile App while on the Duke wifi network.

If you are working away from Duke for an extended period of time, for example doing global health work, simply open the VPN on your mobile device and relaunch the app.

If you need help, please call 919.660.1100 or email medical-librarian@duke.edu.

Your remote access to UpToDate Anywhere has lapsed because you have not verifited your affiliation with Duke University and Duke University Heal.