NCBI Sequence Viewer 2.27 Release
NCBI recently announced a new release of their Sequence Viewer tool. Sequence Viewer is the graphical display you see when in a Nucleotide or Protein record.  The new release offers new features and improved help documentation.  To learn more about NCBI Sequence viewer check out the Help page or NCBI How-To Videos.

NCBI Genome Workbench 7.6 with Publication Quality Graphics Export
NCBI recently announced a new release of thier Genome Workbench tool. Genome Workbench is an integrated application for viewing and analyzing sequence data.  You can use it to view publicly available data you find in NCBI databases as well as your own data.  To learn more about NCBI Genome Workbench check out the Help page or the Basic Operation Tutorial.

>10,000 test are in the NIH Genetic Testing Registry
The NIH Genetic Testing Registry (GTR) is a free resource that provides centralized access to comprehensive genetic test information which has been voluntarily submitted by test providers.  If you or your lab have a clnical or research test you would like to submit to the registry, take a look at the documentation explaining the GTR Submission Process.

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