Google Reader Alternatives

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google reader alternativeIn case you haven’t heard, a few months ago Google announced it would shut down Reader on July 1st. If you currently use Google Reader to aggregate your favorite news and Web sources, or if you're  interested in learning about tools to help you stay current in your field, read on for alternatives to Google Reader.  And in case you’re not familiar with using RSS as a way to read all your desired content in one place (by using one of the alternatives listed below), see this short video that explains the utility of RSS and RSS readers.

  • Feedly allows you to seamlessly transfer your Google feeds over and continue using them the same way you always have. It’s also free and works well on mobiles. 
  • NewsBlur offers RSS aggregating along with some useful folder sorting options and social functions, like following friends and seeing what they mark as interesting. Maybe this could be a resource for Journal Clubs? Currently the free version is unavailable, so there is a small monthly fee for this product.
  • The Old Reader is another feed reader very similar to Google Reader. While it’s free, there are no mobile apps available yet.
  • NetVibes is another free option that also allows you customize your dashboard with other widgets for weather, news, etc.
  • Mac users have a variety of platform specific options (or the Web based options above will work too). NetNewsWire is a great option for Mac OSX users.  While it’s easy to use, it's a bit slower since it works on your computer rather than in the cloud.  Or check out Reader for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.
  • Flipboard and Pulse both offer visually interesting ways to read your favorite news online or through a mobile app. Pulse will allow you to import your Google RSS subscriptions.

Stay tuned (or Ask a Librarian!) as Google Reader ends. Invariably a new set of options will arise to fill the RSS reader market.  Keeping up with the literature or news shouldn’t be another full time job. We are always happy to help you figure out what may best suit your individual needs!

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