Scholars@Duke is a new, searchable research network and faculty directory designed to replace the aging Faculty Research Database (FReD) system. It is publicly available and designed to bring together information about the research and teaching activities of Duke faculty members.  The first phase was introduced in May and features faculty in the School of Medicine.

This tool will allow you to:

Identify Duke colleagues with similar interests
Find potential collaborators on research or teaching projects
Make your work visible to the world as well as to the Duke community

Duke needs your help in making this tool valuable to you and your colleagues!
Need help using the system?
Other benefits of Scholars@Duke and Elements
  • See a “visualization” of your network of Co-Authors or Co-Investigators on your profile page
  • View a brief overview of your publication history over the past 10 years as well as total publications
  • Find other metrics about your publications within Elements
  • Make your publications freely available to others by uploading them (according to your agreement with the publisher)