Three Reports Offer a Snapshot of US Health

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Ready to see how 2012 as well as the last decade shaped up? Three different reports, paid for by US tax dollars, provide data which is crucial to understanding both the nation's current health as well as shaping its future.

Focusing this year on emergency care, this year's Health, United States, 2012 report from the National Center for Health Statistics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention details trends in health statistics.  View the entire report here or check out the Website to see data on selected topics such as age, risk factors, gender, health insurance and more. There are 10 charts just on emergency care alone "examining who uses the emergency department, reasons for visiting the emergency department, what type of services are provided there, and costs associated with emergency care".

Two other reports of potential interest are the America's Children in Brief: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2012 and the Healthy People 2010 Final Review.  The America's Children report updates 41 indicators annually and provides data to "stimulate discussion among data providers, policymakers, and the public". See their Website for more extensive data tables and other formats of the report including Kindle, iPad, Nook and more. The Health People 2010 Final Review "provides analyzed data on 733 objectives," the progress made toward stated targets, and how those are impacting quality and years of healthy life in the United States.

Now the bigger question is what can you do with these reports or how they will impact you.  Will they spawn a new research interest, encourage you to talk to your patients or policymakers, or serve as a reminder of how far we have come and how much work there is left?  If you would like to see more on a particular topic, get started searching with a librarian!

(Get Local!  See our recent post on the release of Durham's annual State of the County Health Report.)