Copyright: Best Practices

copyrightThe Library has created a new guide to help students and others cope with the complexities of the digital world.  The Copyright for Students Guide provides best practices for avoiding copyright law violations, an overview of copyright basics, policies regarding file sharing, tips for using electronic resources, and information on the rights of authors.

This guide can also be used by faculty and staff who are wondering about copyright issues as they use electronic resources and want to share them with others.

Our more general Copyright Guide provides detailed information for educators and others who want to use copyrighted materials for educational activities. 

Faculty dealing with electronic courses may also want to review Duke’s Guidelines for Copyright and Electronic Course Content, which are part of the Faculty Handbook.

Need answers to questions?  Contact Kevin Smith or Pat Thibodeau.

Kevin Smith
Director of Copyright and Scholarly Communications

Pat Thibodeau
Associate Dean, Medical Center Library & Archives

Kevin also provides resources and copyright news on his Website, Scholarly Communications @ Duke.

Submitted by Pat Thibodeau and Emma Cryer