PubMed's Advanced Search Gets a Makeover

Late yesterday afternoon, PubMed released some new updates to its interface, the most notable of which is a makeover for the Advanced Search page. As many of you know, this is the place to combine multiple sets to refine or expand your search. The updates are mostly cosmetic, but here's a short list to keep you searching:
  1. An Add link now appears in the table to make it easier to combine sets from your history using the search builder boxes. You can still type them in yourself if you prefer - just be sure to include the # before the set number to ensure the system knows you are referring to a specific set.
  2. The builder and the search box have been combined. This won't make much difference to most users, since having them separate often meant that people accidentally typed into the wrong box.
  3. Links back to PubMed and the MeSH database are now at the top of the page. Again, this change likely makes it simpler to navigate back to the PubMed home screen or the MeSH database (now under the More Resources dropdown menu.)
  4. The Clinical Queries now linked from the top of the Advanced Search page under More Resources. You can also get to these from the results page when using the Duke version of PubMed. If you would like to add them to your own customized MyNCBI account, contact the library.

Some less-commonly used features still appear, such as the "Show index list" option. This allows you to browse indices, such as MeSH or Title, or even Title / Abstract. The MeSH database still offers more features and better searchability for identifying the best heading for your topic.

If you have questions about the new page or about PubMed in general, please call the library and ask to speak to a librarian - 919-660-1100.