To Talk or to Text?

Physician Communication in the 21st Century
Leora I. Horwitz, MD, and Allan S. Detsky, MD, PhD
JAMA, March 16, 2011, Vol. 305, No. 11

Last week's issue of JAMA featured a commentary on physician communication. The article challenges health systems to design communication systems that make communication easier and notes six steps that should be considered: the clinical context, using both synchronous and asynchronous communication simultaneously, standardization as appropriate, building systems that facilitate the synthesis of data, acknowledging when face-to-face is important, and teaching good communication practices.

Interested in communication among health care teams here at Duke? The recent "Calling for Collaboration" study explored the use of smart phones for facilitating communication among GME residents/fellows and other healthcare professionals. Results from the study were presented last month at ACGME and the poster is available online. You can also follow the study and get updates on related issues on the CallingFC Twitter feed.