NC failing at protecting citizens against tobacco related illnesses

U.S. leaders took meaningful steps to reduce smoking over the past year, increasing treatment options and giving the U.S. Food and Drug Administration new power to regulate tobacco, a major health group said on Thursday…States, on the other hand, "failed miserably" at protecting citizens from the burden of tobacco use, according to the American Lung Association, which issued its annual report card on U.S. tobacco control efforts.

"Despite collecting millions of dollars -- and in some cases billions -- in tobacco settlement dollars and excise taxes, most states are investing only pennies on the dollar to help smokers quit," [Charles Connor, president and chief executive of the American Lung Association] said.
--Reuters article
North Carolina received Fs in all areas graded: Tobacco Prevention and Control Spending, Smokefree Air restrictions, Cigarette Tax, and Cessation coverage. The economic costs to North Carolina due to smoking was estimated at $6,281,486,000. The adult smoking rate is 20.3% and the high school smoking rate is 17.7%.

Read the ALA full report here [pdf]