Free Current Awareness Tool

Have you heard that RSS is dead, or do you even know what RSS is? Many assumed RSS was finished after Bloglines, the first popular RSS reader, was slated to be discontinued. With so many other ways to keep current (like Twitter), you may not use RSS to keep up with your favorite journals, news sources, and personal interests. If you would like to have one place to go to see the latest NEJM articles, view what’s happening in the world via New York Times, or check if there are any iPads for sale on Craigslist, you can. And all with one click!

Make RSS do the work for you! You can set up a Google Reader account to create your personal page. Librarians can help you set up and customize your RSS experience. Use Google Reader on your phone, iGoogle page, or online. Share items with colleagues, make notes, search across your RSS feeds, and get email updates. With RSS, you can increase your productivity and current awareness in less time. Viva la RSS! For more information, see our RSS page.