The World Bank Opens Access to Data

More free data at your fingertips! The World Bank now allows access to its global development & financial indicators on developing countries.

This puts the widely used and well-liked World Development Indicators (WDI), the Global Development Finance (GDF), the African Development Indicators, and the Global Economic Monitor (GEM) in the hands of anybody who wants to use them. The data catalog offers an extensive listing of all databases and pre-formatted tables. The terms of use of the data are very liberal and impose very few restrictions. The WDI provides a valuable statistical picture of the world.

Why is it all freely available now? From The World Bank regarding this initative: "As part of our Open Data Initiative, we will soon announce an "Apps for Development Competition", challenging the developer community to create tools, applications, and mash-ups making it easier for users of development data to make better decisions and better policies to overcome poverty."

How do you envision using this data?