Featured Resource: HealthPathNC

Public health–related documents are well represented within the State Library of North Carolina's digital collections. To provide a convenient access point to this information, and in preparation for future digitization efforts, they are introducing a new portal: HealthPathNC. Through this portal, you can access materials available in popular current collections like those on eugenics in North Carolina and the influenza epidemic of 1918– 1919. You can also more easily find groups of topically related public health documents. HealthPathNC includes multiple methods for accessing the public health collection, including keyword searching, browsing, and selecting from a variety of popular health topics. There is also a list of general resources including books, original manuscripts, digital collections, and online exhibits that will provide you with more in–depth information about some of the topics you’ll see in HealthPathNC.

Check out the new site at http://statelibrary.ncdcr.gov/digital/healthpath/index.html